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Focus on wisdom and look forward to the future
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Focus on wisdom and look forward to the future -- 2017 JWELL company (Shanghai region) Spring Festival commendation conference ended

Monkey Fen has taught thousands of households to be happy, and the crow of chickens has announced thousands of spring! At 18:00 on February 4, 2017, JWELL company (Shanghai region) grandly held the 2017 Spring Festival commendation meeting in Jiading campus of Tongji University. More than 700 people, including some shareholders, members of the board of directors, general managers of all companies, all employees of the Shanghai plant and some employees' families, gathered together to participate in the grand event!

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Lou Yijian, general manager of JWELL company. On behalf of the company, he extended New Year greetings and best wishes to all leaders, guests, all colleagues and family members. At the same time, I would also like to express my deep gratitude to all the employees in 2016 who, under the leadership of chairman he Haichao, worked hard and came back with a full load. I hope you can make persistent efforts in 2017 and sing the theme of creating a brilliant new year.

Annual recognition witnessing growth

2016 is a year of endeavor and harvest for JWELL company, which is inseparable from the joint efforts and efforts of all JWELL people. At the party, the company first commended advanced individuals and collectives, managers, debuggers and newcomers. The leaders of the company presented honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners and congratulated them. The award-winning employee representatives also delivered their acceptance speeches one after another, expressing a strong sense of belonging to the JWELL family. They said that they would make greater efforts to contribute their full strength to the development of the company, which also shows that the corporate culture of JWELL company has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of every employee and has cast the spirit of dedication of every employee of JWELL company.

2016 Shanghai plant advanced individual

Advanced individual in Liyang plant in 2016

2016 Zhoushan plant advanced individual

2016 advanced commissioning staff in Shanghai plant

Talent blossoms, and there are many good plays

Then, the highlight performance of the party officially began in the passionate opening speech of the host. Employees from the company headquarters and other companies competed to present colorful programs for everyone, showing the talent of JWELL people in singing, dancing and versatility! The audience laughed and applauded, and everywhere was filled with joy.

The opening dance "Barbara" by a group of 18-year-old beauties of the head office is simple and cheerful, showing the youth and vitality of JWELL people!

The love song of the four seas sung by LuKun, a film board company, is full of sound and emotion, with modern magnetism and penetration, making people have endless memories in the song.

The men's version of the legend of Zhen Huan performed by guowenwen, Wan Jian, wuguanhua, Shimin and others from the film board company was even more soul stirring. A group of young boys performed the intrigues of the harem. It's wonderful and explodes in the audience.

The solo "I don't want to be friends with you" by wuhailong of Jiewei company is pleasant to hear, full of magnetism and lingering sound. It can be called the sound of nature from JWELL.

The creative program "the eighth set of broadcast gymnastics" performed by liupeng and Zhu Anqing of the extrusion company is humorous and creative! Every section of broadcast gymnastics surprises you.

Surprise, passion and Carnival

The most exciting part of the party was the lottery. Various forms of lottery and interaction, constant surprise and passionate carnival, let the on-site employees immerse in a lot of laughter.

More prizes (Huawei matebook 12 inch tablet two in one notebook computer, Huawei mate 8 mobile phone, Huawei watch smart watch, Xiaomi purifier 2, Huawei glory play bracelet, Xiaomi smart bracelet) ignited the atmosphere at the scene, and joy flew with the awards and red envelopes! The company hopes to bring the new year's good luck to the winners and all JWELL people through the lottery, so that everyone can achieve everything in the new year.

New year's good luck begins with red envelopes

However, when it comes to those who will play, it is still the leaders in the company. The wave of red packets at the party is rising again and again, so some people simply hold a mobile phone and brush the screen hard, which also filled the whole venue with laughter. It is said that many people have grabbed more than 500 yuan of red envelopes in total. The way to send red envelopes on site is very new, and there is a festive atmosphere, which makes everyone very happy.

The party was just like today's JWELL. Along the way, with the hard work of the company's leaders and all employees, it created one miracle after another. Here, let's wish JWELL company continued to take off in 2017 and in the future, and make new achievements through the wind and waves!

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