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European cultural tour
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In order to better motivate and reward the company's advanced marketing personnel, the company organized 21 marketing elites and their families to go to Britain, France, Morocco, Italy and Vatican for a 12 day European cultural experience from November 8 to 19. It has achieved a good effect of broadening employees' vision and feeling the charm of different civilizations.

In London, I visited the University of Cambridge, the British Museum, tower bridge, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the Thames River. The most impressive places are as follows: Cambridge University has a quiet and beautiful environment. Its campus is completely open. The bicycle culture of Cambridge first came into view. The rapid cycling of students reflects their attitude of cherishing time and studying diligently; In the China Pavilion of the British Museum, most of the exquisite exhibits displayed in the collection were looted by invading China in the late Qing Dynasty. There are various ancient bronzes, three colors of the Tang Dynasty, blue and white porcelain of the song and Yuan Dynasties, and the Buddha murals of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang. After visiting the China Pavilion with complex feelings, we felt that if the country was still backward, it would be beaten, and development could be self-improvement*** Big Ben and the parliament building can embody the characteristics of British architectural art. The spire on the top of the building stabs into the sky like a sharp sword, giving people a sense of historical massiness and profundity.

In Paris, France, I visited the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Concorde square, the Louvre and the beautiful scenery along the Seine River. In the Louvre Museum, I visited the three treasures of the Louvre (the goddess of the broken arm Venus, the goddess of victory, and the Mona Lisa) as well as various oil paintings and sculptures. The tour guide gave a detailed and vivid explanation, which left an unforgettable impression on everyone and deeply felt the beauty of French culture and art construction. In nice and Cannes in the south of France, we not only enjoyed the blue beauty of the Mediterranean like coconut wind and sea rhyme, but also experienced the feeling of stars walking on the red carpet.

Monaco, although the country is not very large, the luxury yachts, palace casinos and various beautiful sea view rooms of the super rich have become permanent memories in our cameras and minds.

In Italy, we went to Genoa, Venice, Florence, Rome and the Vatican. Venice's Waterside Landscape and the pointed gondolas at both ends walking through various waterways are all important highlights of this trip. The statue of David * * * in Florence is famous, a typical representative work of the European Renaissance, which fully demonstrates the masculine beauty of men's bodies. The thick ruins of the ancient city wall in Rome, the ruins of the ancient Roman Colosseum with rich historical and cultural heritage, and the historical relics and deposits everywhere in the city all seem to show the vicissitudes of ancient Rome to the world, but the organic integration of tradition and Modernity in the city will let you understand why Rome is called the eternal city. The Vatican in Rome, a country within a state, is known as the center of the Catholic Pope. It not only has the solemnity of St. Peter's Cathedral, but also has the worship and deep repentance of 1billion Catholics from all over the world. It will let you fully understand the sacred status of religion in people's hearts. All of these will bring rich spiritual gains to this trip.

Looking back on the whole journey, we traveled more than 2500 kilometers across the land of Europe. Although the journey was tiring, we visited some relics of Western civilization and the course of cultural development in a hurry. We learned that some advanced ideas of western countries in developing modern cities and protecting ancient buildings not only brought us sensory enjoyment, but also brought us a lot of thinking, learning and reference, It not only cultivates the sentiment of every marketing staff, but also inspires the fighting spirit of every marketing staff!

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