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Enthusiastic, friendly, persistent and precise marketing - 2018 Jinwei Marketing Conference
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From February 25 to 26, the 2018 marketing conference of JWELL machinery was grandly held in Loudong Hotel, Taicang. More than 150 people, including the chairman of the board of directors, all shareholders, general managers, all marketing personnel, directors and heads of relevant departments of the company, gathered together to share the hardships and joys of success and imagine the future glory. The conference was presided over by Mr. liuhuiming, general manager of Changzhou JWELL Industrial Park.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. hehaichao, chairman of JWELL company, gave a training lecture to all sales elites on the theme of "enthusiastic, friendly, persistent and precise marketing". In 2017, all marketing personnel of JWELL worked together to forge ahead and achieved good results. In 2018, with the increasingly fierce industry competition and the approaching oligarchy era, we will face more severe difficulties and challenges. All marketing elites need to change their thinking, not only grasp the current marketing, but also do a good job in pioneering marketing, deeply tap market demand, accurately capture potential customers, and strengthen the original customer service advantages. To truly achieve "customer-oriented", we should not only firmly establish the concept of service in our own heart, but also go deep into the customer's inner world, truly grasp the customer's needs, be close to the customer's thoughts, and exchange our sincerity for the customer's long-term understanding and trust. One stop shop to provide customers with quality solutions. Mr. He said that we should uphold the service concept of diligence, sincerity, enthusiasm and accuracy, so that new and old customers can enjoy a pleasant and brand-new service experience!

In 2017, all the marketing personnel of JWELL machinery devoted themselves to practice, accumulated a lot and wrote a new marketing movement with a positive attitude, considerate service and * * * quality. At the meeting, sales elites such as profile wood plastic, sheet metal, pipe, hollow and environmental granulation went on stage to introduce their product selling points and share their problems encountered in their daily sales work, showing the positive and united spirit of JWELL machinery marketers and the * * * morality of hardworking and honest management. We should find target customers according to the brand positioning, speed up the promotion of new products, increase the sales proportion of medium and high-end products, do detailed work and improve the team execution. In particular, behind the vivid cases, the wisdom, sweat and tears of every marketing person of JWELL machinery can be condensed. Everyone's experience can resonate with everyone on the scene.

On the second day of the conference, more than 20 domestic well-known brand cooperative enterprises conducted various trainings and explanations to the on-site sales elites. The representatives of the cooperative enterprise conducted rich and vivid training through the combination of theoretical basis, classic case analysis and experience sharing. They interacted with the teachers from time to time, and the atmosphere was lively. After the training of * * * s technical knowledge, the sales elites believe that they can better provide customers with product solutions, think about customers' concerns and solve customers' concerns. As the saying goes, there is no limit to learning, and we should always maintain a studious attitude. No matter how high or low * * * is, what we should do right is to learn from the strengths of many families, slowly arm ourselves, enrich ourselves and improve ourselves.

As the commendation link of the highlight of the marketing conference, the company will offer a generous bonus every year to reward the top 20 marketing elites in the big marketing list and the top 12 marketing elites in the small marketing list. When the award winners stood on the stage, the audience burst into applause. They praised the marketing elites who had been exposed to hardships and persevered, which stimulated their high morale. In the new year, we should summon up our energy and move forward bravely to help JWELL's marketing business to a higher level!In the banquet, everyone relaxed, drank freely, forgot yesterday's fatigue, and talked about a better future. The interspersed lottery links pushed the dinner atmosphere to * * *. The conference set up the first, second and third prizes (Huawei laptop, Huawei smart watch, xinxiuli luggage). Many marketing elites won the prize in the lucky draw. During the banquet, the programs were colorful and varied. Many leaders also performed wonderful programs on the stage, showing their singing and dancing skills, and won warm applause from everyone. The party was always permeated with a joyful and pleasant atmosphere.

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